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5 January 2012 // flaviabi // 4 Comments » Leave a comment

luci natale

Last night, with Patrizia and Paolo, we celebrate the end of Christmas holidays……and we did it in a very good way!

Swordfish carpaccio with sweet and sour cabbage (cut the cabbage into thin strips, place in a saucepan a  of poached garlic and plenty of wine vinegar, bring to a boil, and when hot pour over the cabbage. Add the salt, the ’olive oil and a good pinch of sugar. Stir immediately so that the hot vinegar touches all the vegetables)

fried Prawns with pistachios powder and ”chicory” with anchovy’ dressing

Mezzemaniche (pasta) with shrimp and ginger

Cuttlefish stuffed with artichokes and potatoes and crunchy zucchini

Salmon with steamed broccoli and lemon sauce

Apple muffins with lemon cream


  1. Silvia Ciavola says:

    Oddio io adoro il salmone!!!! *.* E ovviamente tutto il resto sarà stato al top come al solito :)

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