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  1. Wild chicory and fava beans’ cream

    27 March 2017 // flaviabi

    cicoria e fave

    The original recipe wants dry fava beans, but I could not resist to the spring and I used fresh ones: so arm yourself with patience and start to peel!

    400 grams of fresh fava beans

    400 gr of wild chicory

    1 clove of garlic

    3 spring onions

    Chili pepper

    White wine

    In a pan with extra virgin olive oil, put fresh onions cut into strips, saute’ slightly and add the shelled beans. Season with salt and pepper and cook for about half an hour, adding hald glass of hite wine and  hot water if needed. Blanch the chicory in salted water, when it is cooked, drain and squeez. In a skillet with oil fry the garlic and saute’ the chicory, adding salt. Ready to bring to the table: blend half  beans, create a nest with the  chicory and put , in the center, the mashed beans, and whole beans to the side. In this case I added the Norcia ham, but also suggested  with marinated anchovies.


    17 November 2012 // flaviabi

    chitarra mazzancolle e crema di fave 009

    For 4 people:

    300 gr. of spaghetti (see the recipe here)

    200 gr. prawns

    150 gr. cherry tomatoes

    Half glass of white wine

    Two tablespoons of cognac

    150 gr. Of dried fava beans shelled

    Fennel seeds or better yet fresh fennel flowers

    1 clove of garlic

    1 shallot


    Extra virgin olive oil (the new one!!)


    If you want make spaghetti, otherwise buy it ….. With holy patience shell the prawns and set aside their heads. Blanch the cherry tomatoes in boiling water and peel them. In a pan, sauté the shallots finely chopped and crushed garlic, pour the white wine and add the cherry tomatoes cut into small pieces. Season with salt and pepper and cook for 8-10 minutes add water if necessary. In another deep pan, boil dried fava beans  in salted water and white wine until completely mashed, making sure to turn them to prevent them from sticking. At this point mix to obtain a homogeneous cream. Put the heads of the shrimp in a pan with water, salt and pepper and cook for 10 minutes, blend it and strain the mixture that you will add to the cooked cherry tomatoes. Another pan: put a little oil and cook the prawns for 3-4 minutes blending with cognac. We are ready to go: cook the pasta, and when ready sauté in the pan with cherry tomatoes and add the prawns. Put a generous tablespoon of cream of fava beans in the bottom of the pot, add the pasta and serve with a drizzle of olive oil and fennels seeds…. GOOD!


    29 May 2011 // flaviabi

    romita 29 maggio 003

    I do not know how, when I cook at Nadia’s home I can take the chance to pic my courses. So I decided to post this pictures of Aquilagia, shoot today at La Romita

    Ingredients (4 people):
    350 gr. Of MEZZE MANICHE (short maccheroni)
    3 fillets of cod
    4 king prawns
    ½ cup of white wine
    1 clove of garlic
    1 spring onion
    Extra virgin olive oil
    100 gr. Of fresh fava beans
    1 egg
    Olive oil
    Corn oil
    In a pan with olive oil and half clove of garlic, cook  for 4-5 minutes, the cod fillets cut into cubes; add the white wine, a pinch of salt and chilli. In a large pot with salted water, boil the podded fava beans for 20 minutes. When cooked divide them into two parts: half will be season with oil and salt and pass to the blender the other  with half a clove of garlic, onion, parsley, salt and pepper, until creamy. In the meanwhile, shell the prawns (keeping the tail) and cut in half. Pass them in beaten egg and bread crumbs, and fry in hot corn oil. Cook the pasta in salted water. When it is half cooked, drain and finish the cooking in a large pan with the cream of beans. Add the cod (with its dressing) and when it is finished cooking, garnish the pasta with whole beans and fried shrimp.


    23 May 2011 // flaviabi

    penne alla crema di  fave

    Ingredients (4 people):

    350 gr. Pasta PENNE

    50 gr. Of grated pecorino cheese

    50 gr. of bacon in small cubes
    1.5 kg of fresh fava beans in their pods;

    1 fresh spring  onion
    1 clove of garlic
    Two or three basil leaves

    Cook the podded broad fava beans,in salted water for 15 minutes.
    When cooked, drain and put half of it in a blender with all other ingredients until creamy. In a pad brown the bacon and when ready add to the fava cream. Cook the PENNE in salted water. When it is “al dente” drain it and put in the pan with fava beans cream and cook for other 2 minutes. Serve the PENNE with fava beans, a sparkle of olive oil and grated pecorino cheese.



    // flaviabi

    insalata di fave con crostini di pecorino

    Ingredients (4 people):
    1.5 of fresh fava beans in pod
    1 onion
    Extra virgin olive oil
    2 yolks
    100 gr. Grated pecorino cheese
    4 slices of bread
    Peel the fava beans and boil for 15 minutes in salted water. When cooked, drain and dress with extra virgin olive oil, sliced ​​onion, basil, a pinch of salt and chilli and let it cool. In a bowl mix the yolks of eggs and the grated cheese until is creamy. Spread the cream over the bread slices and cook in oven until it is gold. Serve the hot croutons with the fava  beans salade.


    21 May 2011 // flaviabi

    tortinro di cicoria e pure di fave

    Ingredients (4 people):
    250 gr. Flour
    2 eggs

    25 gr. yeast
    30 gr. Grated pecorino cheese
    A pinch of salt
    Extra virgin olive oil
    1 clove of garlic
    2 glasses of water
    80 gr. Boiled wild chicory
    12 aluminum molds
    Stir the flour with the yolks of two eggs, add salt, grated pecorino cheese and the yeast. And two glasses of water. Whip the whites of two eggs and add it to the mixture, being careful to mix it gently. Let it rest for 30 minutes. In the meantime in a pan with olive oil brown the garlic, and add the chicory, with some salt and pepper. Butter the molds and put in it a spoon in the mixture, and a generous spoonful of chicory. Bake at 200 degrees for about 20 minutes. Serve it warm with fava beans cream. (You can find  the recipe at VERDURE category.)
    The filling can be done in many different ways: with cherry tomatoes, anchovies, capers and oregano, or with soft cheese and spicy salami, or with bits of ham and arugula. …

    Let’s  your imagination work on it!



    18 April 2011 // flaviabi


     La primavera …che stagione meravigliosa! E sono arrivate le fave fresche che ieri ho cucinato con i carciofi e la cicoria di campo!

    Ingredienti: (4 persone)

    300 gr. di carciofi

    300 gr. di fave fresche sgusciate

    100 gr. di pancetta a dadini

    un ciuffo di cicoria di campo

    una cipolla

    uno spicchio di aglio

    vino bianco




    erba cipollina

    un pomodoro fresco

    In una padella con olio di oliva, mettiamo la cipolla e l’aglio tagliati sottili e lasciamo imbiondire. Aggiungiamo le fave fresche ed i carciofi tagliati sottilissimi (ricordate di essere generose nella pulizia dei carciofi, facendo attenzione a togliere tutte le foglie esterne che sono dure). Allundate con un bicchiere di vino bianco e cominciare la cottura a fuoco lento. Dopo circa 10 minuti aggiungete la cicioria tagliata a pezzettini e  il pomodoro (anche lui tagliato in pezzetti piccolissimi) il prezzemolo e l’arba cipollina, il sale e il peperoncino, e continuare la cottura per circa 30 minuti, allungando con acqua calda.  In una padellina fate soffriggere la pancetta a dadini. Io l’aggiuungo solo al momento di servire perchè mi piace croccante.