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    3 November 2011 // flaviabi

    gnocchi ai carciofi 009


    for the dumplings – 100 g potato head, potato starch, salt
    For the sauce: 1 artichoke per 2 people, 1 onion,1 glove of garlic, wild mint, a glass of white wine, salt, chili, grated parmigiano cheese.
    Boil the potatoes in boiling water, when cooked peel and mash it.. Once crushed salt and add the starch to obtain a consistent mixture. Mix well, and then creat long strings about 3 cm in diameter. Remove the outer leaves of artichokes, trim the tips, and chop them into very thin slices (also using the stalks, peeled and diced). In a skillet with extra virgin olive oil,  brown the onion and  the garlic finely chopped, and add the artichokes. Let it cook for 15-20 minutes, adding  wine, salt, pepper and mint. When cooked, take half it and blend. Boil the water with a handful of coarse salt. When it boils, put the gnocchi, when it rise are ready, drain them. Mix the dumplings with blended  artichokes, add the grated Parmesan cheese. Put them in a baking dish, put over remaining  artichokes and grill in the oven for a few minutes.