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  1. Spicy apple jelly

    28 February 2012 // flaviabi

    gelatina di mele

    Spicy apple jelly

    1.5 Lt Water
    Apples 1 kg
    6/7 Long Hot Peppers
    900 Gr white Sugar

    Place in a pan the water, apples and chopped chilies(also cut)  and let everything boil until apples are soft.
    Now, retrieve all the liquid by filtering with a tightly woven sieve and place a weight on apples for a few hours (a pot of water).
    Toss the apples and boil the liquid with the sugar until it reaches the right consistency of gelatin.
    To check the consistency just put a drop of jelly on a plate looking like slipping away, when it does slow the jelly is ready to be put, still hot,  into sterilized jars.