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    21 November 2012 // flaviabi


    Yes! I love to pick, to clean, to cook and to eat them  : mushrooms WHAT A PASSION!!!

    Today the wood has been generous and I came back with a basket full of mushrooms, so I did prepare them like this.

    Clean the mushrooms and cut into small pieces. Boil half liter of white wine and half liter of white vinegar with a bunch of marine salt and 4 leaves of baley. When it boils put the mushrooms and cook for 4-5 minutes. Drain and when still warm dress with garlic cut into small pieces, wild mint, chives, chili, salt and extra virgin olive oil.  Keep the mushrooms in salad for three days putting new dressing every day. Now is time to put the mushrooms in jars with extra virgin olive oil, but unfortunately after three days only few are left…..