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21 June 2011 // flaviabi // 2 Comments » Leave a comment

caprinetti 001

Tonight, Lucy, has organized a drink and I prepared for her these little balls of goat stuffed cheese….

Ingredients for 30 balls:
150 gr. Ricotta cheese
150 gr. Creamy Goat cheese
20 crackers
1 spicy salami
Chili powder
Wasabi Sauce

Sift together the ricotta and goat cheese. Crumble crackers and mix with cheeses. Divide the mixture into three parts: season one with chili powder, another one  with a thinly sliced ​​chives, and leave natural the third part. Compose it into small cups. small balls. Leave in refrigerator to cool. Just before serving, top the chili ones with  a slice of spicy salami, the green with chives and the natural with wasabi sauce.


  1. Lucy says:

    Sei scandalosa Cara Flavia complimenti erano buonissimi!Cattiva!

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