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22 November 2015 // flaviabi // No Comments » Leave a comment


This morning in my vegetable’s garden I found fresh spinach and I can’t resist: let’s make Risotto!

4 people
320 g of  rice (Vialone Nano)
280 g of fresh spinach
100 g sweet gorgonzola cheese
1 shallot
1/2 cup white wine
1 lt vegetable’s broth
4 slices of bacon
1 fresh spring onion
extra virgin olive oil

In a pan fry the shallots with the olive oil and add the rice and cook until crackling! In another pan, with virgin olive oil,  cook the spinach, with fresh onion cut into slices, adding a little water and a half cup of white wine, salt and pepper. After 5-6 minutes, blend up to create a cream. Go back to the toasted rice and when it takes the heat add the spinach’s cream and add vegetable broth to help to cook. In the meanwhile, fry in hot olive oil few leaves of spinach, and grill the slices of bacon ( I rolled them in a metal cone to make them stay in shape) and cut into strips the tops the fresh onion. We are ready to whisk our risotto with gorgonzola into pieces and a generous tablespoon of butter. Serve it with fried spinach leaves, bacon crispy and the onion raw

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