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    15 May 2015 // flaviabi

    cheese cake al parmigianoto prepare 4 croutons:

    4 slices of toast

    150 gPhiladelphia cheese cream

    80 gr. grated Parmigiano cheese

    half  glass of Prosecco

    1 zucchini

    4-5 basil leaves

    1 fennel

    half lemon juice

    extra virgin olive oil


    black pepper

    With a glass shape the bread and fry both sides few minutes in olive oil. Dry well. In a bowl put the Philadelphia cheese cream, a pinch of salt and pepper, Parmigiano and work well adding Prosecco until creamy. Cut the zucchini into cubes removing the pulp and dressed with oil and salt. In another bowl finely chopp fennel and season with lemon juice. Now spread this cream on fried croutons and add the vegetables and basil.


    10 May 2015 // flaviabi

    crudo in coppa

    Finally the spring sun gives us the new fresh vegetables, and you just want to eat them raw! So we will prepare this fresh vegetables’ cup
    for 4 cups
    2 tomatoes
    1 fennel
    3 zucchini
    1 orange
    1 lemon
    1 bunch of rucola
    1 Endives
    Sour cream (see recipe)
    Mayonnaise (see recipe)
    Cut tomatoes into cubes and season with a pinch of salt, and let them to make their own juice.
    Cut zucchini into small cubes (if you have too much zucchini pulp delete it, preferably use the green part that remains crispy) and season with lemon juice and a pinch of salt.
    Peel the orange and cut into cubes, and collect the juice that it will produce. Use the orange juice  to flavor the fennel previously cut into small cubes.
    Now put a tablespoon of mayonnaise on the bottom of the cup, add a tablespoon of tomatoes, rucola and endives thinly sliced ​​and season with a little oil, add a tablespoon of orange, sour cream, and complete with  the fennel and zucchini.
    End with a little olive oil, a pinch of pepper and a basil leaf.


    1 June 2012 // flaviabi

    lasagnette di mare e verdure

    Being in the middle of nowhere, gives me lot’ of opportunities: I can cook a lot, I can create, invent and dream! And it seems the results is quite good:

    350 gr. of fresh lasagna
    1 eggplant
    1 zucchini
    1 onion
    a bunch of chard
    a clove of garlic
    a squid
    an handful of shrimp
    an handful of mussels
    an handful of clams
    100 gr. Swordfish
    white wine
    extra virgin olive oil
    Dice all vegetables and fry in a pan with olive oil with garlic and onion finely chopped.wet with white wine only when just cooked, add salt and pepper.
    In another pan, again with oil, brown cuttlefish cut into strips, and swordfish fillet. Long with white wine and water and cook for 8-10 minuti.
    Add mussels and clams previously opened, and shrimps, salt, pepper, parsley, chives and chives and let it finish cooking for a few minutes.
    Take one quarter of the vegetable mixture and pass it into the blender to create a puree, stretching with water if necessary. At this point
    add the fish to vegetables, mix well and assembled the lasagna: a layer of pasta, a spoon of puree and a spoonful of fish and to vegetables.
    Put in the oven 180 degrees until the pastry is crispy. Serve it with a drizzle of olive oil.