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27 January 2012 // flaviabi // 6 Comments » Leave a comment

le cialde di carnevale

Today with my mom, we cooked “LE CIALDE”.This is a typical cake of Marsciano (my town) for the Carnival. They are not very difficult to do but you’ll need two basic things: the electric iron to make holy wafers, and lots of patience!

Ingredients for 50 waffles:
500 g of flour 00
250 gr. of sugar
500 ml. Dry white wine
250 ml. Of Vin Santo (sweet)
a tablespoon of Anise seeds

Mix well all the ingredients to obtain a quite liquid mixture. Heat very well  the iron, and put a tablespoon of dough. Close iron and cook for about 1 minute,  remove the wafer and when it is still warm, roll it. If placed in a metal box, wafers will keep crispy for several days. Serve with whipped cream: and be careful because you can eat a ton of it!


  1. mi piace, mi piace, mi piace. Le posso fare col ferro delle “ferratelle” abruzzesi?

  2. virginia says:

    sai che come tradizione una scatola di cialde va assolutamente portata alla Romita!!!!!!!!!!baci all’Emiliana

  3. prova…. e poi fammi sapere!! sennò vengo io con il ferro originale!

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